About Us

The Delaware Sports Commission, Inc. is a 501(c)(6) Not-For-Profit corporation. The Delaware Sports Commission is governed by thirty Board of Director’s with expertise in the Sports, Business, Hospitality, Government, and Media sectors. It is the presence of these expertise that helps the Delaware Sports Commission accomplish all of the goals it sets forth for the State of Delaware.

The Delaware Sports Commission is a member based organization in which our primary goal is to service our members and promote the State of Delaware as an attractive destination for sporting events. Our members are committed to working together to ensure that with every event, the State of Delaware and its local communities are represented in the highest regard.

The Delaware Sports Commission is not only committed to enhancing the economic development of the State but also the overall quality of life. It is our belief that sporting events being present in the local and state communities creates an atmosphere that reflects positively on all that are involved.

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