Event Planning Services

The Delaware Sports Commission covers all of the bases!

Streamline venue selection

University of Delaware Sports Field• The Delaware Sports Commission serves as a facilitator between event rights holders and facility operators. After speaking with our office or submitting a request for proposal, we will assist in determining which Delaware sports venues are suitable and viable for your event. 

Secure hotel room blocks

• We have a solid relationship with hotels in Delaware. Our team understands the importance of hotel cooperation and support for sporting events. The Delaware Sports Commission will assist in finding the right property and an affordable rate based on your event specifications. 

Assist with event sponsorship solutions

• Our team works with your event to identify local vendor and service providers that best connect with your event demographic and match their marketing objectives. Our relationships with organizations and business throughout the state of Delaware allow us to streamline this process and provide you with sponsorship solutions.

Provide marketing support

• The Delaware Sports Commission will assist in identifying key marketing outlets to ensure a successful event. Whether through traditional or social media outlets, our team has the resources and experience needed to establish a successful marketing campaign for your event.

Offer government relations assistance

• Assistance with park permits; public security, and letters of support from elected officials are all examples of government relations’ assistance the Delaware Sports Commission can provide. We understand that support from local and state government is vital to the success of your events.

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